Difference between Pneumatic Solenoid Valve and Pneumatic Mechanical Valve


Pneumatic solenoid valve belongs to electronic control operation, which is switched by the medium air, and mechanical valve belongs to manual operation, and the valve action is controlled by manpower.

The solenoid valves produced by East Pneumatics include Airtac type 3V210/310/410 series, 4V210/310/410 series, 5V210 series, SMC type VF3130/5120 series solenoid valves. Mainly pilot solenoid valves and direct-acting solenoid valves

Pneumatic mechanical valves include JM322 series, JMJ series, MV522, MV322, MOV321, CM3 series, VM130/VM131/VM230, S3 series, M3 series, M5 series. Mechanical valves include long handle mechanical valves, roller mechanical valves, button mechanical valves, mushroom head mechanical valves, selective mechanical valves, emergency stop mechanical valves, rocker mechanical valves, etc.

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