Selection knowledge of electric valve and solenoid valve_the difference between electric valve and solenoid


Recently, many customers have come to our company to request a quotation. The solenoid valve and electric valve on their quotation list belong to the same product, but in fact it is not the case!

Let me explain the detailed parameters of the electric valve and solenoid valve for you:

Solenoid valve: The solenoid valve is usually controlled by 220V instrument power supply. Solenoid valves are also electric actuators. Both of them need to be energized to open the valve. However, the difference between the electric valve and the solenoid valve is that the electric valve is energized. It can directly generate a lifting force to drive the valve stem. After the solenoid valve is energized, the coil generates electromagnetic force to push the valve core to open or close. The solenoid valve is widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic control to control the state of the oil cylinder and cylinder. Control components used in oil and gas circuits. Its function is like a contactor in electricity.

Electric valve: The electric valve is usually large in diameter, and it is widely used in the control of fluid flow, stop, flow, pressure, etc. The control of flow and pressure is called the electric valve; the control of smooth and stop is called the electric on-off valve. The lifting force of the electric valve is higher than that of the solenoid valve. The same can be opened. The valve has a larger caliber. However, the electric valve has the disadvantage that it is not resistant to high temperatures. If the temperature reaches 140 degrees or more, the use of the electric valve will easily cause damage to the motor. Similarly, compared with the solenoid valve, the sealing performance is not satisfactory. When the valve stem is lifted, it is easy to cause movement distortion, which may cause problems such as over-opening or under-opening.

Do you now understand the difference between solenoid valve and electric valve?

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